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Angelica Uniforms provide the whole range of commercial dust floor protection mats for your business to keep your workplace always clean.. 

Angelica Uniforms’ High Quality Linen Hire and Laundry Service looks for your freshness and convenience of your business. Your convenience…

Choosing an appropriate uniform can effectively develop your business image, identification, performance, and the ability to protect your..

Our Expertise

Industrial Work

industrial work

Industrial work wear are our specialty in Angelica Uniforms. We professionally clean, repair and tailor industrial work wear. Furthermore Angelica uniform provides great quality of neatness on the uniforms and that the reason in which many industrial business partner with usAt Angelica Uniforms we rent and also resale. From our recommendation the best cost efficient way is to rent rather than buy.

Food And Baverages

food and baverages

For your restaurant to look professional your employees uniform must be clean and odourless also the color, logo, texture of the uniform that your can rent would make you business more professional. Hence Angelica Uniforms provides your business with cost-effective and prominent renting.


linen services

It is important for homes or business to stay clean and Eco-friendly and all hands are hygienic using towels. Hence Angelica Uniforms provides the best premium quality towels such as bath towel, hand towel, face towel, tea towel.

Continuous Roll Towel

Linen Service

Continuous roll tower are the most hygienic hand washing in workshops ad restrooms. Research shown from World Health Organisation has showed that continues cloth roll towels provide mechanical actions to help remove dirt/germ and bacteria. Angelica Uniforms coexists of rental system in which we rent continuous toll towel. Hence this is why our costumers mainly use continuous roll towels rather than electronic air dryers.

About Us

Angelica Uniforms in Adelaide is the most competitive laundry and uniforms rental service company in Adelaide South Australia. It provides prominent and promising delivery.

At Angelica Uniform we believe and posses reliable service, profitable experience carefully tailored & repaired linen, work wear, mats and industrial…

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