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Angelica Uniforms provide the whole range of commercial dust floor protection mats for your business to keep your workplace always clean and neat.

Why Dust Control and Floor Protection Mats?

Dust mats play an important role in health and ensuring the safety of staff and visitors. However, they are often ignored or have gone unnoticed in the entry door of commercial and industrial buildings.

Dust control mats stop your members and visitors to slip and trip, from the wet marble, stone or wooden floor.

Since dust mats stop dust, dirt, mud, leaves, and anything that should not enter the building up to 80%, then your building or workplace will need less amount of maintenance and cleaning jobs.

Choosing an appropriate entrance mat will also relatively help your business looks more professional and improve the appearance of your whole premises.


At Angelica Uniforms, you can hire your appropriate dust control mats to easily bring all these benefits in to your business. (a new page & image for each one). The best rental dust mat company is the one that you do not have to think about it.

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