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Angelica Uniforms’ High Quality Linen Hire and Laundry Service looks for your freshness and convenience of your business. Your convenience and satisfactory is important to us, and we are totally aware of your values and desires which is to choose the best quality, performing the best service on time forever. Our linen service is all you want from a linen service company.

You can choose any kind of towels such as bath, hand, face, and Tea towels with the best quality and lowest possible prices.

Continuous Cloth Roll Towel

Did you know that

Continuous Cloth Roll Towel Systems (CRT) Are More Hygienic than Disposable Roll Towel Systems (DRT) or Air Dryers?

Yes, Continuous Cloth Roll Towles are more hygienic than any other kind of washing materials.New research and clinical testing reveal cloth roll towels rank #1 as the most hygienic for hand washing in restrooms. And high-speed air dryers, though they have been found to be environmentally friendly, are not nearly as hygienic asoften claimed.Continuous Roll Towels are set to a towel cabinet dispenser. These Continuous Cloth Roll Towels are made out of 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester or 100% Cotton.

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